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Carhart was originally founded in Wayne, Nebraska in 1921 by brothers, Charles E. and Arthur (Ben) Carhart. Charles and Arthur had previously owned and sold several Nebraska lumberyards in Carroll, Brunswick, Orchard and Osmond prior to locating in Wayne. 
After selling the other yards, the brothers purchased the Barrett and Dally Hardware Store in Wayne, which they operated until 1917 when it was sold to L.W. McNatt, Sr. In 1921 , the brothers purchased the Phileo and Harrington Lumber Company located at the Wayne operation's current location. 
John C. and Ralph M., sons of Charles, joined the company in 1925 and 1926, respectively. John managed the Wayne yard. Ralph opened a yard in Randolph in 1927. When Arthur died in 1934, managing interest in the company was left to Charles E., Ralph M. and John C. Carhart. 
In 1939, Roy D. Christensen joined Carhart as manager of the Pierce yard and in 1953, was named as Carhart's General Manager. Charles V. Carhart joined the company in 1954; David Carhart in 1955; Robert A. Carhart in 1957; Scott B. Carhart in 1984; Brenda Carhart in 2013. 
The various locations were incorporated in 1936 with Wayne established as the corporate headquarters. The Carhart family expanded the business in addition to the existing Wayne and Randolph yards by purchasing yards in Pierce, Hartington, Plainview, Bloomfield, Neligh, O'Neill, Tilden, Albion, Blair, Norfolk and North Platte. The yards in Blair, Randolph, Plainview and Albion have since been closed, but there are still 10 other locations to serve you. Wayne, Hartington, Bloomfield, Neligh, O'Neill, Tilden, Burwell, North Platte and Norfolk. The Pierce location is devoted specifically to Carhart Kitchen & Bath. 


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